EST. 2011

After returning home to Australia from an inspired holiday to the UK and Paris, sparked by the excitement and wonder of ‘Aphrodite Les-Folies’, an awarding winning and defining live tour by a seasoned global Pop Goddess, in addition to a culinary experience at an equally magical and wondrous place in Bray, 'The Fat Duck', a creative fire ignited in my belly. I would never look at food the same way again.


On returning home, I was determined to master 'the soufflé' after another unforgettable experience at Jules Verne on the trip. As they rise on a wing and a prayer in the oven, I decide to put on the ‘Ultimate Kylie’ DVD – a chronological journey through her iconic video clips up until her Showgirl era. As the cheese souffle's come out and I plunge my spoon in to taste my attempt, I look up from my kitchen bench to a young 19 year old Kylie blowing bubbles in a foam filled bath with a big cheesy grin. Just as fluffy and cheesy as the soufflé I was tasting.


The gastrominogue concept was born. Kismet once - I was starting to fall.


The name I can thank my coffee table for - a personally signed copy of 'Kylie Fashion' is lovingly placed on top of my cased English edition of Larousse Gastronomique, with new contributions by Heston among others. Not too much of a stretch. Kismet twice, and I gave it my all.


As a 'lifetime lover', I took a similar approach to other songs and clips throughout her career, then began to wonder what others would think of this personally amusing combination. Twitter became the dedicated channel, and inspiration for ingredients & methods flowed from lyrics, visual references, interpretation and double entendres, later encompassing other projects including film, TV and perfume. These references are of course coupled with small measures of creative licence to translate each into a visually cohesive & delicious dish or drink.


In the 7 years since that cheesy lightbulb moment, gastrominogue has grown to become an original and unique culinary tribute to an amazing talent unparalleled in the entertainment industry. This initiative has given rise to over 100 distinctive dishes and almost 20 cocktails & beverages spanning each era in Kylie’s illustrious 30 year career. Also to mark her 50th birthday this year, a 5-course "Golden Degustation" has been created, which you can find here. The full collection also includes a number of dishes dedicated to Dannii's work – influenced by new music, re-issues, and launching back into the TV arena. These have recently been brought together as the "Dannii Degustation".


Liked and retweeted on social media by both Kylie & Dannii themselves, many dishes/posts have also been favourited by collaborators such as Flight Facilities, Garibay, Zoot Woman, Dami Im, Luke Higgins, Initial Talk, The Muppets, Becker Films, Waterford, Bollinger UK & SpecSavers.


In the culinary world, I feel blessed to have my work retweeted and favourited by MasterChef Australia, in addition to being acknowledged by Matt Preston, Darren Purchese, Dinner by Heston and Dimitri Bellos, just to name a few. Social media followers include Guy Sebastian, Human Nature, Victoria Summer, Fratelli Famous, 34Bia, Cadbury, Canon Australia, Belvedere Vodka, SBSFrench, and The Peforming Arts Collection Melbourne.


I hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as I have creating it. Follow me on Twitter for the latest creations, remixes & special releases - you'll find my feed below.


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