Conceived in 2011 in the lead up to 'K25', gastrominogue is an original and unique culinary tribute to Kylie Minogue's extensive career in the entertainment industry. Over the last 6 years, this initiative has given rise to over 50 distinctive dishes and almost 20 cocktails & beverages - many just in the last few years, with Kylie embarking on a number of varied projects in music, television and film (see 2014-2016).


Inspiration for ingredients & methods come from lyrics, visual references, interpretation and double entendres, coupled with small measures of creative licence to translate them to a visually cohesive & delicious dish.


As Kylie returned home in 2016 to film a new movie Swinging Safari (2018) with Guy Pearce, and launch the 'Kylie On Stage' exhibition at The Arts Centre in Melbourne, gastrominogue is celebrating with a seasonal approach to its conceptual menu. Click here to see the 'SPRING MINU'.


In 2017, with the launch of Kylie's range of eye glasses with Specsavers, and a new album imminent, there are more exciting dishes to come! Follow me on Twitter for the latest creations, remixes & special releases - you'll find my feed below.


You can also email me via the form on the 'KONTACT' page.